Laboratory Levi
Experiment Characterization of diabetic nephropathy in FXR knockout mice on DBA/2J background
Caption PAS staining of kidney section from 15 wk FXR KO.DBA/2J mouse [Consortial]
Strain D2.Cg-Nr1h4/J
Animal ID 6362
Animal Age 15 week(s) post-natal (w)
Anatomical Site kidney (External Reference)
External Sample ID
Tissue Collection Date Not Specified
Slide Preparation Date Not Specified
Image Acquisition Date Not Specified
Staining Protocol Periodic acid Schiff (PAS)
Available? Unavailable
Block ID Not Specified
Block Type Not Specified
Sectioning Investigator Not Specified
Magnification Level 400 X
Gross Description
Microscopic Description

AssayAgeMeasured ValueMissing DataComments
 ACR 15urine albumin/urine creatinine ratio 196.21197  
 Age 15Age 15  
 blood glucose 15glucose, blood 138  
 Kid:BW 15total kidney:body weight ratio 0.01445  
 sBP 15blood pressure: systole NaNMissing Data ( ND) 
 TC 15cholesterol, total 105.0608  
 TG 15triglycerides 100.1482  
 Tot Kid Wt 15total kidney weight (mouse) 0.422  
 total body weight 15total body weight 29.2  
 total ualb 15total albumin excretion 58.4267  
 ualb 15urine albumin (Exocell Albulwell M ELISA) 97.37784  
 urine output 15urine output 0.6