Laboratory Smithies
Experiment The editing mutation, Polg(D257A), in mitochondrial DNA polymerase improves diabetes in Akita male mice by suppressing appetite.
Caption Light microscopy of kidney of Polg Akita diabetic mouse [Consortial]
Strain C57BL6-Ins2-Polg
Animal ID 1018-17
Animal Age 270 day(s) post-natal (d)
Anatomical Site pancreas (External Reference)
External Sample ID
Tissue Collection Date Not Specified
Slide Preparation Date Not Specified
Image Acquisition Date Not Specified
Staining Protocol aldehyde fuchsin
Available? Unavailable
Block ID Not Specified
Block Type Not Specified
Sectioning Investigator Smithies, Oliver
Magnification Level 10 X
Gross Description light microscopy of pancreas
Microscopic Description

AssayAgeMeasured ValueMissing DataComments
 ACR 270urine albumin/urine creatinine ratio 58.585  
 energy intake (24 hr) 270energy intake (24 hr) 6.2  
 Kid:BW 270total kidney:body weight ratio 0.0113  
 pTG 270plasma triglycerides 63.976  
 R Kid Wt 270right kidney weight (mouse) 0.318  
 TC 270cholesterol, total 71.971  
 total ualb 270total albumin excretion 35.776  
 ucreat 270creatinine, urine (Exocell Picric Acid method) 15.2668  
 glucose, urine 270glucose, urine 21.04  
 urine output 270urine output 4  
 W rodent 270body mass 26.7  
 water intake 270water intake 6.95