Organ Crosstalk in Obesity and NAFLD (J3)

Meeting Type External
Start Date 1/21/2018
End Date 1/25/2018
Location Keystone, CO
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Purpose Neural and humoral communication among peripheral organs and the brain is
critical in coordinating whole body energy homeostasis in health and disease.
Nutrient and hormone sensing take place in multiple organs with the central
nervous system as a site of integration of these diverse signals, governing this
coordination. Within this multi-organ framework, the liver occupies a central
role in determining systemic glucose and lipid metabolism in obesity and
clinically relevant metabolic pathophysiology, particularly non-alcoholic fatty
liver disease (NAFLD) and fibrosis. Identification and characterization of the
modes and consequences of organ cross-talk is essential to fill existing gaps in
knowledge and to promote the development of therapeutic strategies to treat
obesity and metabolic disease. This conference brings together experts in the
novel, multidisciplinary evaluation of organ cross-talk using innovative
combinations of molecular, genetic, physiological, pharmacological and systems
neuroscience approaches to: 1) Provide a unique and timely perspective, and 2)
Inspire interactions directed toward basic, clinical and translational research
in integrative metabolism. Finally, the joint staging of this conference in
conjunction with the conference on “Energy expenditure: Fat, Muscle and Beyond”
will strategically leverage presentations targeting the biology of metabolism
and nutrient availability in obesity with those focused on the biology of energy
utilization. Taken together, this novel combination will provide a coherent,
powerful and comprehensive understanding of and appreciation for the complex.
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