Autophagy as a Common Pathway in Diseases

Meeting Type External
Start Date 3/8/2018
End Date 3/9/2018
Location Bethesda, MD
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Purpose Autophagy is a carefully choreographed cellular response to stress and
environmental changes. The cell creates specific structures to facilitate
targeted degradation of components in lysosomes, thereby recycling materials and
adjusting cellular contents to suit the new environmental conditions. In recent
years, researchers have implicated disruptions of autophagy in numerous diseases
within the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
(NIDDK) mission. These include cystinosis, the systemic amyloidoses, tuberous
sclerosis, acute tubule necrosis, and ciliopathies. The purpose of this
conference is to bring together autophagy researchers and those working on
NIDDK-relevant disease biology to explore potential common mechanisms and to
discuss potential therapeutic development strategies. If successful, this
meeting will promote new collaborations and avenues of investigation that
identify novel diagnostic tools and new interventions and improve clinical
outcomes for diseases relevant to the NIDDK’s mission.
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