Islet Biology: From Gene to Cell to Micro-Organ (J6)

Meeting Type External
Start Date 1/27/2020
End Date 1/31/2020
Location Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Purpose Recent years have seen great strides in understanding pancreatic endocrine islet
cells. Spurred by new and emerging technologies, we are making discoveries about
the impact of genetic variation on islet cells; how islet cell subpopulations
differ; communication between islet cells and with the local environment,
including components of the immune system; and how these interact to effect
islet loss and dysfunction. A more integrated understanding of these processes
will lead to important insights into diabetes and its treatment. Connecting
researchers in the complimentary fields of genomics, immunology, islet cell
function, and single-cell biology will be crucial to realizing this. One of the
goals of this Keystone conference is to promote greater integration in our
approaches to studying islet biology - spanning from genes, to single cells, to
islets as micro-organs, and to the interaction of these with their local
environment. Conference participants will learn about new methods and
technological approaches among islet-biology investigators. This conference will
also help to facilitate the development of new collaborations among attendees.
We anticipate that this conference will highlight the challenges and potential
new solutions in bringing integrated approaches to islet biology for the
advancement of diabetes-related knowledge.
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