Mitochondrial Biochemistry in Health and Disease (Z1)

Meeting Type External
Start Date 5/17/2020
End Date 5/21/2020
Location Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
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Purpose Mitochondria are iconic structures in cell biology and have long been
appreciated as centerpieces of bioenergetics. However, many features of these
organelles remain remarkably obscure, ranging from the basic functions of orphan
mitochondrial proteins to the nature of acute regulation of mitochondrial
activities and the mechanisms that these organelles use to communicate with the
rest of the cell. Our weak grasp on these and other core features of
mitochondria underlie our poor ability to address mitochondrial dysfunction
therapeutically. This meeting will bring together world leaders in diverse areas
of mitochondrial biology to discuss new tools and emerging themes in the field,
including the use of multi-layered omics analyses and systems biology to
functionalize new disease-related proteins, the use of metabolomics and ribosome
profiling methods to elucidate the orchestration of the many distinct events
required for mitochondrial biogenesis, and the application of novel imaging and
labeling approaches to reveal the nature of mitochondrial dynamics and
inter-organellar contacts.
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