BALB/c mice are particularly well known for the production of plasmacytomas following injection with mineral oil forming the basis for the production of monoclonal antibodies. Although not all BALB/c substrains have been examined for plasmacytoma induction, substrains derived from the Andervont (An) lineage (which includes BALB/cByJ) typically are susceptible, while those descended from BALB/cJ are resistant (see: Potter M, 1985). Mammary tumor incidence is normally low but infection with mammary tumor virus by fostering to MMTV+ C3H mice dramatically increases tumor number and age of onset. BALB/c mice develop other cancers later in life including reticular neoplasms, primary lung tumors, and renal tumors. Rare spontaneous myoepitheliomas arising from myoepithelial cells of various exocrine glands have been observed in both BALB/cJ and BALB/cByJ substrains.

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