DiaComp will provide a number of statistical procedures as a service to the community.

We will update this page periodically with new methods. Suggestions for future analysis can be sent to Richard McIndoe (rmcindoe@augusta.edu).

Please select the type of analysis you would like to perform from the list below.

DiaComp Statistics
Basic Statistics:
This option allows the user to get the mean, median, standard deviation of a filtered dataset. One can filter by strain, sex, age and available experimental conditions.
ANOVA Analysis:
Provides an interface to do both One Way ANOVA and Two Way ANOVA analysis on data from either single experiments or saved datasets. The Two Way ANOVA analysis will look for Strain by Sex interactions. The choice of One Way or Two Way analysis is done automatically based on the data filter options. The user can choose to perform T Tests all pairwise comparisons of the strains (multiple comparisons are corrected using Tukey) or perform a contrast of two groups of strains.
Unpaired T Test:
The two-sample unpaired t test is used to test the null hypothesis that the two population means corresponding to the two random samples are equal.
Provides an interface to measure the relation between two or more variables. One can use either single experiments or derived datasets.