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We are currently testing this feature and welcome your input.

Here you can query phenotype data by strain, investigator, experiment, experimental condition, and assay. You can filter by sex for selected strains. For selected assays and conditions, you can specify bounded or unbounded ranges of values. DiaComp investigators and their lab members can save criteria for later review.

Click Add Group to start new criteria group (indicated by =======OR======== in the display). When you specify more than one group of criteria, you are searching for data that matches all the criteria in group 1 OR all the criteria in group 2, and so on for each group. Within a group, criteria from the same category are ORed together (for example, including Strains 129.A and C57BL6 in the same group will find data for both strains).

NOTE: The selection lists for strains, assays, and experiments show those items that have associated data, some of which may not be publicly available. Public users may not not get any results even with minimally restrictive criteria.

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