Laboratory Leiter
Experiment Baseline Metabolic Phenotyping for DCC Mouse Strains
Caption FVB-FXRnull non-diabetic control liver showing ceroid-like pigment accumulation [Consortial]
Strain FVB.Cg-Nr1h4/J
Animal ID 7092M414
Animal Age 26 week(s) post-natal (w)
Anatomical Site liver (External Reference)
External Sample ID
Tissue Collection Date 5/13/2010
Slide Preparation Date Not Specified
Image Acquisition Date 5/27/2010
Staining Protocol Periodic acid Schiff (PAS)
Available? Unavailable
Block ID Not Specified
Block Type Paraffin
Sectioning Investigator Leiter, Ed
Magnification Level 400 X
Gross Description PAS-positive staining of ceroid-like pigment in moderately fatty liver
Microscopic Description higher magnification showing ceroid-like pigment accumulation in bile canaliculi
with leukocytic involvement around some deposits. The pigment is not bile based
upon non-stainability with Fouchet's stain (not shown).