Laboratory Leiter
Experiment Baseline Metabolic Phenotyping for DCC Mouse Strains
Caption Normal appearing kidney 26-wk-old FVB-db/db female [Consortial]
Strain FVB.BKS(D)-Lepr /ChuaJ
Animal ID 6654F32
Animal Age 26 week(s) post-natal (w)
Anatomical Site kidney (External Reference)
External Sample ID
Tissue Collection Date Not Specified
Slide Preparation Date Not Specified
Image Acquisition Date Not Specified
Staining Protocol Periodic acid Schiff (PAS)
Available? Unavailable
Block ID Not Specified
Block Type Not Specified
Sectioning Investigator Not Specified
Magnification Level 200 X
Gross Description kidney from obese (49.7% fat by DEXA) female Albumin/creatinine (ACR) ratio by
spot urine at 21 wk was 36.4. The ACR by 24 hr urine collection at 25 wk was 81.
The basis for this 10-fold difference between the two methods is unresolved.
Microscopic Description no visible lesions in glomeruli and tubules