QTL MatchMaker: a multi-species quantitative trait loci (QTL) database and query
system for annotation of genes and QTL.
Authors Star KV, Song Q, Zhu A, Böttinger EP
Submitted By Erwin Bottinger on 2/8/2009
Status Published
Journal Nucleic acids research
Year 2006
Date Published 1/1/2006
Volume : Pages 34 : D586 - D589
PubMed Reference 16381937
Abstract Identifying genes that underlie quantitative trait loci (QTL) is a challenging
task. Here, we present a new QTL software system, named QTL MatchMaker. The
system is designed to integrate and mine QTL information across human, mouse and
rat genomes and to annotate functional genomic data. It combines and organizes
information from relevant public databases and publications and integrates QTL,
physical, genetic and cytogenetic maps across human, mouse and rat. To make this
application available to the research community we have developed a website for
high-throughput mapping of expressed sequences to QTL and for selection of
candidate genes in the physiological genomics context of complex traits. QTL
MatchMaker is accessible at http://pmrc.med.mssm.edu:9090/QTL/jsp/qtlhome.jsp.

Investigators with authorship
Erwin BottingerMount Sinai School of Medicine