A genome-wide set of congenic mouse strains derived from CAST/Ei on a C57BL/6
Authors Davis RC, Jin A, Rosales M, Yu S, Xia X, Ranola K, Schadt EE, Lusis AJ
Submitted By Richard Davis on 2/11/2009
Status Published
Journal Genomics
Year 2007
Date Published 9/1/2007
Volume : Pages 90(3) : 306 - 313
PubMed Reference 17600671
Abstract We previously reported the construction of two sets of heterozygous congenic
strains spanning the mouse genome. For both sets, C57BL/6J was employed as the
background strain while DNA from either DBA/2 or CAST/Ei was introgressed to
form the congenic region. We have subsequently bred most of these strains to
produce homozygous breeding stocks. Here, we report the characterization of the
strain set based on CAST/Ei. CAST/Ei is the most genetically distant strain
within the Mus mus species and many trait variations relevant to common diseases
have been identified in CAST/Ei mice. Despite breeding difficulties for some
congenic regions, presumably due to incompatible allelic variations between
CAST/Ei and C57BL/6, the resulting congenic strains cover about 80% of the
autosomal chromosomes and will be useful as a resource for the further analysis
of quantitative trait loci between the strains.

Investigators with authorship
Richard DavisUniversity of California Los Angeles