A genome-wide set of congenic mouse strains derived from DBA/2J on a C57BL/6J
Authors Davis RC, Schadt EE, Smith DJ, Hsieh EW, Cervino AC, van Nas A, Rosales M, Doss
S, Meng H, Allayee H, Lusis AJ
Submitted By Richard Davis on 2/11/2009
Status Published
Journal Genomics
Year 2005
Date Published 9/1/2005
Volume : Pages 86(3) : 259 - 270
PubMed Reference 16039824
Abstract In the analysis of complex traits, congenic strains are powerful tools because
they allow characterization of a single locus in the absence of genetic
variation throughout the remainder of the genome. Here, we report the
construction and initial characterization of a genome-wide panel of congenic
strains derived from the donor strain DBA/2J on the background strain C57BL/6J.
For many strains, we have carried out high-density SNP genotyping to precisely
map the congenic interval and to identify any contaminating regions. Certain
strains exhibit striking variation in litter size and in the ratio of females to
males. We illustrate the utility of the set by "Mendelizing" the complex trait
of myocardial calcification. These 65 strains cover more than 95% of the
autosomal genome and should facilitate the analysis of the many genetic trait
differences that have been reported between these parental strains.

Investigators with authorship
Richard DavisUniversity of California Los Angeles