The targeted podocyte.
Authors Fogo AB
Submitted By Agnes Fogo on 12/10/2012
Status Published
Journal The Journal of clinical investigation
Year 2011
Date Published 6/1/2011
Volume : Pages 121 : 2142 - 2145
PubMed Reference 21606599
Abstract The podocyte plays a key role both in maintenance of the glomerular filtration
barrier and in glomerular structural integrity. Podocyte injury and loss
contribute to proteinuria and progressive sclerosis. Inhibitors of mammalian
target of rapamycin (mTOR) have variably decreased or caused proteinuria and
sclerosis in human disease and experimental settings. In this issue of the JCI,
two interesting studies of podocyte-specific manipulation of the mTOR system
shed light on the complexity of this pathway in the podocyte.

Investigators with authorship
Agnes FogoVanderbilt University