Tolerating diabetes: an alternative therapeutic approach for diabetic
Authors Calcutt NA
Submitted By Nigel Calcutt on 1/30/2013
Status Published
Journal ASN neuro
Year 2010
Date Published 5/1/2010
Volume : Pages 2 : e00042
PubMed Reference 20842208
Abstract It is becoming apparent that a number of pathogenic mechanisms contribute to
diabetic neuropathy, so that therapeutic interventions that target one
particular mechanism may have limited success. A recently published preclinical
study has adopted an alternative approach by using a novel small molecule to
induce heat-shock protein 70. This confers upon neurons, and perhaps other cells
of the nervous system, the ability to better tolerate the diverse stresses
associated with diabetes rather than intervening in their production.

Investigators with authorship
Nigel CalcuttUniversity of California San Diego

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