Insulin clearance: confirmation as a highly heritable trait, and genome-wide
linkage analysis.
Authors Guo X, Cui J, Jones MR, Haritunians T, Xiang AH, Chen YD, Taylor KD, Buchanan
TA, Davis RC, Hsueh WA, Raffel LJ, Rotter JI, Goodarzi MO
Submitted By Richard Davis on 3/7/2013
Status Published
Journal Diabetologia
Year 2012
Date Published 8/1/2012
Volume : Pages 55 : 2183 - 2192
PubMed Reference 22584727
Abstract We have previously documented a high heritability of insulin clearance in a
Hispanic cohort. Here, our goal was to confirm the high heritability in a second
cohort and search for genetic loci contributing to insulin clearance.

Investigators with authorship
Richard DavisUniversity of California Los Angeles