How to find a prognostic biomarker for progressive diabetic nephropathy.
Authors Brosius FC, Pennathur S
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 2/7/2014
Status Published
Journal Kidney international
Year 2013
Date Published 6/1/2013
Volume : Pages 83 : 996 - 998
PubMed Reference 23728003
Abstract As a prognostic biomarker for progression of diabetic nephropathy, albuminuria
fails in terms of sensitivity and specificity. Better urinary or plasma
biomarkers are needed that can predict which diabetic patients are at highest
risk for progression. Bhensdadia et al. report proteomic investigations that
identified urinary haptoglobin as a potential prognostic biomarker for
progressive diabetic nephropathy. Although as a single marker urinary
haptoglobin adds little to albuminuria, together the two appear to provide
better diagnostic accuracy than albuminuria alone.

Investigators with authorship
Frank BrosiusUniversity of Arizona