Novel targets of antifibrotic and anti-inflammatory treatment in CKD.
Authors Declèves AE, Sharma K
Submitted By Kumar Sharma on 4/15/2014
Status Published
Journal Nature reviews. Nephrology
Year 2014
Date Published 3/25/2014
Volume : Pages 10 : 257 - 267
PubMed Reference 24662433
Abstract Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is becoming a worldwide epidemic, driven largely by
the dramatic rise in the prevalence of diabetes and obesity. Novel targets and
treatments for CKD are, therefore, desperately needed-to both mitigate the
burden of this disease in the general population and reduce the necessity for
renal replacement therapy in individual patients. This Review highlights new
insights into the mechanisms that contribute to CKD, and approaches that might
facilitate the development of disease-arresting therapies for CKD. Particular
focus is given to therapeutic approaches using antifibrotic agents that target
the transforming growth factor ß superfamily. In addition, we discuss new
insights regarding the roles of vascular calcification, the NADPH oxidase
family, and inflammation in the pathogenesis of CKD. We also highlight a new
understanding regarding kidney energy sensing pathways (AMPK, sirtuins, and
mTOR) in a variety of kidney diseases and how they are linked to inflammation
and fibrosis. Finally, exciting new insights have been made into the role of
mitochondrial function and mitochondrial biogenesis in relation to progressive
kidney disease. Prospective therapeutics based on these findings will hopefully
renew hope for clinicians and patients in the near future.

Investigators with authorship
Kumar SharmaUniversity of California San Diego