Improved elucidation of biological processes linked to diabetic nephropathy by
single probe-based microarray data analysis.
Authors Cohen CD, Lindenmeyer MT, Eichinger F, Hahn A, Seifert M, Moll AG, Schmid H,
Kiss E, Gröne E, Gröne HJ, Kretzler M, Werner T, Nelson PJ
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 5/5/2014
Status Published
Journal PLoS ONE
Year 2008
Date Published
Volume : Pages 3 : e2937
PubMed Reference 18698414
Abstract Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is a complex and chronic metabolic disease that
evolves into a progressive fibrosing renal disorder. Effective transcriptomic
profiling of slowly evolving disease processes such as DN can be problematic.
The changes that occur are often subtle and can escape detection by conventional
oligonucleotide DNA array analyses.

Investigators with authorship
Matthias KretzlerUniversity of Michigan