Randomized clinical trial to compare negative-pressure wound therapy approaches
with low and high pressure, silicone-coated dressing, and polyurethane foam
Authors Lavery LA, La Fontaine J, Thakral G, Kim PJ, Bhavan K, Davis KE
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 6/2/2014
Status Published
Journal Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Year 2014
Date Published 3/1/2014
Volume : Pages 133 : 722 - 726
PubMed Reference 24263388
Abstract This study was designed to compare two approaches to negative-pressure wound
therapy: 125-mmHg pressure with a polyurethane foam dressing and 75-mmHg
pressure with a silicone-coated dressing.

Investigators with authorship
Lawrence LaveryUniversity of Texas Southwestern

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