BAMBI regulates angiogenesis and endothelial homeostasis through modulation of
alternative TGFß signaling.
Authors Guillot N, Kollins D, Gilbert V, Xavier S, Chen J, Gentle M, Reddy A, Bottinger
E, Jiang R, Rastaldi MP, Corbelli A, Schlondorff D
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 6/9/2015
Status Published
Journal PLoS ONE
Year 2012
Date Published
Volume : Pages 7 : e39406
PubMed Reference 22761782
Abstract BAMBI is a type I TGFß receptor antagonist, whose in vivo function remains
unclear, as BAMBI(-/-) mice lack an obvious phenotype.

Investigators with authorship
Erwin BottingerMount Sinai School of Medicine