Diabetes-related autoantibodies in diabetic gastroparesis.
Authors Singla R, Homko C, Schey R, Parkman HP
Submitted By Henry Parkman on 7/7/2015
Status Published
Journal Digestive diseases and sciences
Year 2015
Date Published 6/1/2015
Volume : Pages 60 : 1733 - 1737
PubMed Reference 25956704
Abstract Detection of islet autoantibodies [anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody
(GADA), anti-islet cell antibody (ICA), anti-insulin antibody (IAA)] in patients
with diabetes usually indicates an autoimmune origin, suggesting type 1 diabetes
(T1DM). The aim of our study was to determine whether islet autoantibodies are
present in patients with diabetic gastroparesis and whether they associate with
delayed gastric emptying, severity of GI symptoms, or diagnosed type of

Investigators with authorship
Henry ParkmanTemple University