Serum Catecholamines and Dysautonomia in Diabetic Gastroparesis and Liver
Authors Aslam N, Kedar A, Nagarajarao HS, Reddy K, Rashed H, Cutts T, Riely C, Abell TL
Submitted By Thomas Abell on 8/4/2015
Status Published
Journal The American journal of the medical sciences
Year 2015
Date Published 8/1/2015
Volume : Pages 350 : 81 - 86
PubMed Reference 26181082
Abstract Plasma catecholamine influences autonomic function and control, but there are
few reports correlating them. In this study, 47 individuals (mean age, 38 years)
were studied: 19 diabetes mellitus (DM) patients with gastroparesis, 16 with
liver disease and 12 control subjects.

Investigators with authorship
Thomas AbellUniversity of Louisville