Models of chronic kidney disease.
Authors Yang HC, Zuo Y, Fogo AB
Submitted By Agnes Fogo on 9/28/2015
Status Published
Journal Drug discovery today. Disease models
Year 2010
Date Published
Volume : Pages 7 : 13 - 19
PubMed Reference 21286234
Abstract Chronic kidney diseases result from recurrent or progressive injuries in
glomeruli, tubules, interstitium and/or vasculature. In order to study
pathogenesis, mechanisms and effects of interventions, many animal models have
been developed, including spontaneous, genetic and induced models. However,
these models do not exactly simulate human diseases, and most of them are
strain, gender or age dependent. We review key information on various rodent
models of chronic kidney diseases.

Investigators with authorship
Agnes FogoVanderbilt University