A Plumbing Solution for Stem Cell-Derived Kidneys.
Authors Ó hAinmhire E, Humphreys BD
Submitted By Benjamin Humphreys on 4/15/2016
Status Published
Journal Transplantation
Year 2016
Date Published
Volume : Pages 100 : 3 - 4
PubMed Reference 26674728
Abstract Over the last decade, the notion that stem cell biology can be harnessed to
generate transplantable human kidneys has received much attention, even if
progress has been slow.1 In the last 2 years, however, 2 independent approaches
toward generating transplantable kidneys have demonstrated major progress. In 1
strategy, pluripotent human cells have been shown to possess the capacity to
differentiate into nephron-like structures in a dish—hundreds of them, in fact.2
These in vitro kidney organoids self-assemble once the proper ratio of
progenitor cell populations is generated, and evidence suggests that they can
respond to injurious stimuli much as mammalian nephrons do.

Investigators with authorship
Benjamin HumphreysWashington University in St Louis