Urothelial signaling.
Authors Birder LA
Submitted By Lori Birder on 3/31/2010
Status Published
Journal Autonomic neuroscience : basic & clinical
Year 2010
Date Published 2/16/2010
Volume : Pages 153 : 33 - 40
PubMed Reference 19666243
Abstract Beyond serving as a simple barrier, there is growing evidence that the urinary
bladder urothelium exhibits specialized sensory properties and play a key role
in the detection and transmission of both physiological and nociceptive stimuli.
These urothelial cells exhibit the ability to sense changes in their
extracellular environment including the ability to respond to chemical,
mechanical and thermal stimuli that may communicate the state of the urothelial
environment to the underlying nervous and muscular systems. Here, we review the
specialized anatomy of the urothelium and speculate on possible communication
mechanisms from urothelial cells to various cell types within the bladder wall.

Investigators with authorship
Lori BirderUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Health System