Temporal morphological and functional impact of complete urinary diversion on
the bladder: a model of bladder disuse in rats.
Authors Liu G, Lin YH, Li M, Xiao N, Daneshgari F
Submitted By Firouz Daneshgari on 8/2/2010
Status Published
Journal The Journal of urology
Year 2010
Date Published 11/1/2010
Volume : Pages 184 : 2179 - 2185
PubMed Reference 20850838
Abstract PURPOSE: Urinary diversion has been used as a surgical option for some bladder
diseases. We developed a urinary diversion model in the rat and examined the
effects of urinary diversion on the bladder. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We
distributed female Sprague-Dawley® rats into age matched control, sham urinary
diversion and urinary diversion groups. Each group was subsequently evaluated 1
or 8 weeks after urinary diversion or sham operation. Diversion was done by
surgical disconnection of the ureters from the bladder and implantation to the
uterine cervix. Conscious cystometry was examined. Bladders were harvested for
histological examination and quantification of smooth muscle, urothelium and
collagen. Vaginal histology was assessed. Bladder muscarinic and purinergic
receptor expression was examined. RESULTS: All rats survived the urinary
diversion procedure. Bladder weight decreased in the diversion group. Cystometry
showed decreased intercontractile interval and voided volume in the urinary
diversion group compared to those in the control and sham operated groups.
Compliance was decreased in diverted rats. Smooth muscle and urothelium were
decreased as a percent of total bladder cross-sectional area. Collagen increased
in 1 and 8-week diverted rats vs controls. Histological examination of the
vaginal wall revealed mild swelling in 2 rats. Urinary diversion caused
decreased muscarinic 3 and ligand gated purinergic 1 receptor expression but no
change in muscarinic 2 or ligand gated purinergic 2 receptors. CONCLUSIONS:
Creating a urinary diversion model by ureterovaginostomy in the rat is feasible.
Urinary diversion causes distinct functional and morphometric bladder

Investigators with authorship
Firouz DaneshgariCase Western Reserve