Association of insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance with the c.825C>T
variant of the G protein beta-3 subunit gene.
Authors Kopf D, Cheng LS, Blandau P, Hsueh W, Raffel LJ, Buchanan TA, Xiang AH, Davis
RC, Rotter JI, Lehnert H
Submitted By Richard Davis on 4/4/2011
Status Published
Journal Journal of diabetes and its complications
Year 2008
Date Published 5/1/2008
Volume : Pages 22 : 205 - 209
PubMed Reference 18413224
Abstract The risk of macrovascular complications of diabetes mellitus is greatly enhanced
by the presence of high blood pressure. In addition, hypertension and diabetes
share insulin resistance as a common pathophysiological mechanism. Despite
evidence for a common molecular genetic background of insulin resistance,
glucose intolerance, and hypertension, few candidate genes have been shown to
influence all of these features simultaneously. We examined the association of
insulin sensitivity with the c.825C>T variant of the g-protein beta-3 subunit
(GNB3), a candidate gene of hypertension, in families of Mexican-American
hypertensive patients.

Investigators with authorship
Richard DavisUniversity of California Los Angeles