Early hepatic insulin resistance precedes the onset of diabetes in obese
C57BLKS-db/db mice.
Authors Davis RC, Castellani LW, Hosseini M, Ben-Zeev O, Mao HZ, Weinstein MM, Jung DY,
Jun JY, Kim JK, Lusis AJ, Péterfy M
Submitted By Richard Davis on 4/4/2011
Status Published
Journal Diabetes
Year 2010
Date Published 7/1/2010
Volume : Pages 59 : 1616 - 1625
PubMed Reference 20393148
Abstract To identify metabolic derangements contributing to diabetes susceptibility in
the leptin receptor-deficient obese C57BLKS/J-db/db (BKS-db) mouse strain.

Investigators with authorship
Richard DavisUniversity of California Los Angeles