Susceptible mice: identifying a diabetic nephropathy disease locus using a
murine model.
Authors Brosius FC
Submitted By Frank Brosius on 5/2/2011
Status Published
Journal Kidney international
Year 2010
Date Published 9/1/2010
Volume : Pages 78 : 431 - 432
PubMed Reference 20706214
Abstract Diabetic nephropathy is a common, complex disease with a clear genetic
predisposition. Human gene association studies are beginning to bear fruit by
identifying gene loci that increase diabetic nephropathy risk. Chua et al.
report a similar study in diabetic mice that reveals a major nephropathy locus
on chromosome 8. Could this be a human nephropathy gene? Time will tell, but
such findings will at least improve the use of mouse models of human kidney

Investigators with authorship
Frank BrosiusUniversity of Arizona