Farnesoid X receptor modulates renal lipid metabolism, fibrosis, and diabetic
Authors Jiang T, Wang XX, Scherzer P, Wilson P, Tallman J, Takahashi H, Li J, Iwahashi
M, Sutherland E, Arend L, Levi M
Submitted By Moshe Levi on 5/2/2011
Status Published
Journal Diabetes
Year 2007
Date Published 10/1/2007
Volume : Pages 56 : 2485 - 2493
PubMed Reference 17660268
Abstract Recent studies indicate an important role for nuclear receptors in regulating
lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, fibrosis, and inflammation. Farnesoid X
receptor (FXR) is a member of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily. FXR is
highly expressed in the liver, intestine, adrenal gland, and kidney. The primary
bile acids are the highest affinity endogenous ligands for FXR. The effects of
FXR agonists in diabetic kidney disease, the main cause of end-stage renal
disease, however, have not been determined.

Investigators with authorship
Moshe LeviGeorgetown University