Multi-immersion open-top light-sheet microscope for high-throughput imaging of
cleared tissues.
Authors Glaser AK, Reder NP, Chen Y, Yin C, Wei L, Kang S, Barner LA, Xie W, McCarty EF,
Mao C, Halpern AR, Stoltzfus CR, Daniels JS, Gerner MY, Nicovich PR, Vaughan JC,
True LD, Liu JTC
Submitted By Joshua Vaughan on 8/2/2019
Status Published
Journal Nature communications
Year 2019
Date Published
Volume : Pages 10 : 2781
PubMed Reference 31273194
Abstract Recent advances in optical clearing and light-sheet microscopy have provided
unprecedented access to structural and molecular information from intact
tissues. However, current light-sheet microscopes have imposed constraints on
the size, shape, number of specimens, and compatibility with various clearing
protocols. Here we present a multi-immersion open-top light-sheet microscope
that enables simple mounting of multiple specimens processed with a variety of
clearing protocols, which will facilitate wide adoption by preclinical
researchers and clinical laboratories. In particular, the open-top geometry
provides unsurpassed versatility to interface with a wide range of accessory
technologies in the future.

Investigators with authorship
Joshua VaughanUniversity of Washington