The kallikrein-kinin system and oxidative stress.
Authors Kayashima Y, Smithies O, Kakoki M
Submitted By Oliver Smithies on 8/1/2012
Status Published
Journal Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension
Year 2012
Date Published 1/1/2012
Volume : Pages 21 : 92 - 96
PubMed Reference 22048723
Abstract The kallikrein-kinin system (KKS) constitutes a complex multienzyme cascade that
produces several bioactive kinin peptides and their derivatives including
bradykinin. In addition to the classical notion of the KKS as a potent
vasodilator and a mediator of inflammatory responses, recent studies suggest a
link between the KKS and oxidative stress. A number of established mouse models
with altered levels of KKS components opened the way to evaluate precise
functions of the KKS. Here we review recent findings on the role of the KKS in
cardiovascular diseases and chronic kidney diseases, and discuss potential
benefits of KKS activation in these diseases.

Investigators with authorship
Oliver SmithiesUniversity of North Carolina