Frontiers in Diabetes Complications: from Biology to Technologies
Rodica Pop-Busui   (ANN ARBOR, MI)
Diabetes, obesity, and related metabolic diseases represent major causes of morbidity and mortality in modern society, and contribute tens of billions of dollars to the cost of health care each year. The two-day Frontiers in Diabetes Complications Symposium, to be held on 2020, is designed to bring together basic science and clinical translational researchers interested in an entire spectrum of diabetes complications, from experts in the field to early career investigators and trainees. It will include sessions on general aspects of diabetes as a disease, and the effect of diabetes on micro and macrovascular systems (cardiovascular, renal, retina, peripheral and central nervous system, gastrointestinal, genitourinary and the foot). The basic science/translational components will cover diabetic animal models relevant to complications and diabetes-related lower urinary tract research topics; including inflammasome, bladder, urethral, urothelial, prostate and sexual functions, and diabetes and urologic cancer. Thus, the proposed conference will bring together multidisciplinary diabetes researchers for cross-interaction toward a goal of advancing research in diabetes and diabetic uropathy. We also anticipate publication of the meeting proceedings. Fostering interaction between those who study different levels of the effects of diabetes on health (e.g. from population level through organismic, organ system, cell and molecular levels) in complications prone tissues and systems enables important vertical and horizontal cross-fertilization that will benefit all involved.
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