Laboratory Leiter
Experiment Baseline Metabolic Phenotyping for DCC Mouse Strains
Caption Glomerulus with ischemic changes [Consortial]
Strain 129B6F1.Cg-Nos3/J
Animal ID 9656M02
Animal Age 24 week(s) post-natal (w)
Anatomical Site kidney cortex (External Reference)
External Sample ID
Tissue Collection Date Not Specified
Slide Preparation Date Not Specified
Image Acquisition Date Not Specified
Staining Protocol Silver Methenamine
Available? Unavailable
Block ID Not Specified
Block Type Paraffin
Sectioning Investigator Alpers, Charles
Magnification Level 400 X
Gross Description
Microscopic Description Approximately 1.5% of glomerui are shrunken with wrinkled basement membranes
most likely due to ischemia.