Laboratory Leiter
Experiment Baseline Metabolic Phenotyping for DCC Mouse Strains
Caption FVB-Akita female with normal appearing glomeruli, silver methenamine stain [Consortial]
Strain FVB.B6-Ins2/MlnJ
Animal ID 6867F17
Animal Age 26 week(s) post-natal (w)
Anatomical Site kidney cortex (External Reference)
External Sample ID 08-8344
Tissue Collection Date 9/11/2008
Slide Preparation Date Not Specified
Image Acquisition Date Not Specified
Staining Protocol Silver Methenamine
Available? Unavailable
Block ID 08-8344
Block Type Paraffin
Sectioning Investigator Not Specified
Magnification Level 400 X
Gross Description only mildly diabetic at necropsy; body weight =23.2g; plasma glucose =237 mg/dl
Microscopic Description Glomeruli are within normal limits with a few areas of minimal mesangial